Politicians are noobs

Much of the recent big events on capital hill have revolved around the Internet, Al Gore’s invention, which has become known as a series of tubes. Lately, politicians have been clogging these tubes with their partisan rhetoric, and with their lewd conversations with young boys. Sure, every once in a while we get something good, but for the most part it’s talking points, parroting of the party line, and logic-defying conspiracy theories. At times, it seems like politics doesn’t belong on teh Interweb. But that perception is fleeting; a bunch of whiney, immature kids flaming each other on the World of Warcraft forum never fails to bring back warm memories of childish fights over who supports the troops more.

In a way, this is the ultimate demonstration of the effectiveness of our political system. The representatives we elected to our government are slowly assimilating into our modern, technological culture, eerily mirroring the lowest common denominator of our digital collective consciousness, becoming the true representation of our populous even in this obscure aspect. From high-tech marketing of candidates to viral PR strategies, they are quickly learning about teh internets, but they are still making the telltale mistakes of a noob. Soon, the repeal of net neutrality will raise them to the level of uber pwner — we need to start building defense against the tk’ers before it’s too late.

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I'm a rather boring, geeky college student. Most of my time is spent at a computer, reading a book, or sitting in (mostly uninteresting) classes. My hobbies include reading, blogging, creating and running websites, creating amateur video games, arguing incessantly on discussion forums, and buying books on amazon.com because I'm too lazy to go to the library.
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6 Responses to Politicians are noobs

  1. unknowable says:

    ROTFLOL, T(eam)K(ill)ers, damn right!

  2. scene111 says:

    Heh, gj mixing the internet-speak with serious writing

  3. Anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    this post has no point

    your attempt at humor has failed

  5. scene111 says:

    this post has no point
    your attempt at humor has failed

    Some people don’t appreciate good blogging. >:(

  6. NPC says:

    The second anonymous commenter must be a politician. ;)

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