(unofficial) final episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

An alternate (unofficial, obviously) ending to the Cartoon Network show “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.” Impressive artwork and interesting topic, but sad.

I haven’t really seen much of the show, but I do know that the show is done almost entirely in Flash, which is pretty impressive. The artwork in this comic isn’t bad either, though it’s obviously not up to the standards of the show.

If anyone knows the artist of this comic or where it came from, leave the details in a comment.

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48 Responses to (unofficial) final episode of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

  1. bre says:

    I’m not sure who the artist is, but i agree, it was done quite nicely. This alternate ending is merely a rip off of a tv series final episode, St. Elsewhere. The whole series wound up being imagined in the mind of an autistic child that sat playing with a snow globe all day. although its a rip off, i like how the artist transitioned from the shows haha.

  2. Phil says:

    duuuuuude that was so funny, i remember hearing about how that show St. Elsewhere ending in the same exact way. the funniest thing is that i watched that foster’s show and this would definitely have been the perfect ending to it.

    ps. i lold

  3. Corgi says:

    This is so sad, but at that same time I’m glad I saw it. Would really fit into the series, honestly–I wish more cartoons dealt with real subjects.

  4. Rachel says:

    dude, it’s the final episode of st. elsewhere. a tv show from the 80s. still kind of fits, though.

  5. Anonymous says:

    …except for the fact that the monocled bunny dude is supposed to be frankie’s imaginary friend. Sorry, don’t mean to troll.

  6. Shway says:

    I thought the bunny was granny’s imaginary friend?

  7. Patrick O'Leary says:

    Shway has it right. Mr. Herriman (bunny dude) is Madame Foster’s friend. Well drawn, if sad and borrowed from a show I’m slightly too young to have actually watched.

    The show is indeed animated in Flash, with some postproduction in After Effects. Macromedadobe Flash: Saving Traditional Animation at the Expense of Korean Inbetweeners Since 1996!

  8. Zil says:

    Duchess is Frankie’s imaginary friend. That’s why she always needs to take care of her when she acts up too much.

  9. Erica says:

    This is so depressing. Not to say I don’t like it, it’s incredible. I think the art is really impressive. It makes me really sad, Frankie was my favorite character! How was this found?

  10. Kaz says:

    This actualy almost brought me to tears as a fan of the show

  11. Murloc says:

    Duchess isn’t Frankie’s friend, Frankie simply has to take care of all of the friends in the house, it’s her job. Well drawn, although I’ve never heard of the show St. Elsewhere, I find it interesting how the artist could transfer the ending of that show, to the ending of Foster’s Home.

  12. anon says:

    a truly fitting ending.
    if i were the director of the series, i would have made this the final episode.

    say what you want, but this fits more as an ending to the series than to st elsewhere.

  13. scineram says:

    This should have been the ending.

  14. Chris says:

    If it has not already been discovered, the artist of this Foster’s comic can be found on deviantart.com. Goes by the name of empty smile and the artist acknowledged the inspiration of St.Elsewhere titling the work St.Fosters. And yes it is a rather melancholy work, but fitting.

  15. frozen death says:

    how did the series ACTUALLY end?

  16. Mexican says:

    “how did the series ACTUALLY end?” Everbody died.

  17. fushateara says:

    wow! That would be a great ending the art rocked too. 5/5

  18. Blassfemmy says:

    Mac was supposed to be moving, so Bloo tried to make him have a fun last day at Fosters. He never really got to hang out with him though. It turned out Mac was moving one door down.

  19. Nick says:

    I always thought that since Madame Foster never gave up Mr.Herriman Frankie just played with him, along with the other friends that lived in the house so she didn’t need to create one.
    But never the less very nice ending, much like that fake Calvin and Hobbes comic.

  20. Megan says:

    This made me cry…

  21. Tarah says:

    this made me cry

  22. Mark says:

    That is so sad. D;

  23. allison says:

    the comment was made by a kid. Anthony Bacci. hes some fat kid from florida.

  24. Mr. Mindfuck says:

    Reading these comments, it doesn’t seem like many of you understand whats going on so far, but as far as my understanding goes, the scene where Mac asks Frankie why she never had any imaginary friends, never really happened, because Frankie was imagining the entire scene in her head, suffering autism. Therefore the entire show, storyline, plot, etc. was all just an imagined scenario by Frankie. Just pointing out what i thought might have been obvious, or what the artist might have tried to show, or rather recreate using the television show. Also, very sad, and would have been a great twist on the show.

  25. hewhowdyhey says:

    First of all, I never got to see the ending of this AMAZING series cos we stopped getting CN durring the last season of Fosters, unfortunately, though I was told how it generally ended.
    This is a really cool idea: everyone is saying it’s based on another series’ ending, but it fits so well, even though I think Fosters couldn’t have done something like this (a. because they wanted a positive ending, and b. they probably couldn’t have “explained” autism, because I doubt many kids know what that is.)
    Maybe they could have done something similar, but they probably would have gone for a bit happier tone, like it’s the imagination of Frakie where she’s not autistic but actually is just a very imaginative child, playing with her non-realized (like they don’t take a physical shape) imaginary friends, Mac and Bloo. Even that would have been interesting–a lot of people don’t like the “dream” ending so it might have pissed people off, though.

    Still, I think if executed right it would have been excellent to have this as the ending.

  26. Niji says:

    Actually Frankie did have imaginary friends, there was one episode where Bloo (or someone kinda forgot) opened up a closet, and a bunch of “scribbles” poured out that were the result of Frankie’s two year old self’s imagination. The scribbles were kept in that closet b/c Mr. Herriman deemed them annoying and unuseful. The foster’s home started manipulating these scribbles because they could perform certain chores, but when given too much to do they sorta “freaked out”. At the end of the episode the scribbles were adopted off because they were able to perform only one specific comand that was actually useful.

  27. Ed says:

    *Directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

  28. kayla says:

    its not the end is made up story ending is about bloo and mac go to a new place

  29. pierce14plus says:

    This comic reminds me of the last episode of E/R (1985) when we find out that Clark Street Hospital was all created in the mind of an autistic child.

  30. Abby says:

    As much as I would love to say that this would be a fitting last episode to the show, it wouldn’t be.

    It’s a children’s show, if they actually ended the show that way, the kids would think that having imaginary friends would mean having autism, questioning their parents if everything was real or just a figment of their imagination.

    I’m not saying the comic is bad, it was actually pretty touching that it made me cry. It would’ve been a nice ending but think about how it would affect the minds of kids.

    I applaud whoever wrote this comic, because they made the plot interesting, and make you think that “autism” might have been the main point of the show.

  31. Paulo says:

    It would be a rip off St. Elsewhere with a minor detail… it would actually make f*cking sense!

  32. leah says:

    paulo, its not a “rip off” this was not the real end to foster’s home and the creator of this comic gives creadit to st. elsewhere.

  33. Tristan says:


  34. Luis says:

    Right in the childhood…

  35. LunaLight says:

    I started watching the show when it came out, however sadly I stopped watching it. Today I saw the pilot episode with my boyfriend and asked him if he knew the ending to the show. He was confused by looking it up and remembering it for such a long time ago that he told me the wrong thing. This is what he said: You find out that Mac actually lives at the Foster Home, but really it’s a mental hospital and in the beginning when Mac drops off his friend Bloo he is really being dropped off by his parents to the hospital. The whole series is actually going on in Mac’s head because he can’t give up Bloo and he just made it so he could be there with him and give Bloo a life. The ending is when the audience finds out that Mac is actually insane and that Frankie is actually just his nurse helping him with the psychosis. This comic strip however would make more sense as the ending of the series though; either way I would of loved to of seen either one of those as the actual ending rather than Mac moving to a another place nearby.(To me that’s not an ending.) O.o

  36. Smart Mouthed Punk says:

    I’ve never seen the show that you people are speaking of, although I think this would be an excellent (although depressing) ending to an awesome series. Just like how apparently Rugrats is based on Angelica, who was a real person suffering from hallucinations due to all the horrible events happening in her life. Chucky died with his mother in childbirth, which is why his father is always so worried about him.

    Tommy was stillborn, sending his father into a psychotic depression resulting in him going downstairs and creating toys for a son that never came home from the hospital.

    The DeVilles had an abortion. Since Angelica never knew if the baby had been a boy or a girl, she decided on twins, and gave them identical names and identities since if there had been no abortion there would have only been one baby.

    The reason behind these delusions have been blamed on Angelica’s nonexistent relationship with her mother and manipulative relationship with her father. Thus, Angelica had no one to turn to when she needed help during the baby’s deaths and resorted to making up the lives they should have lived.

    In All Grown Up, Angelica is a bipolar schizophrenic addicted to narcotics and heroin because they help her keep her delusions alive. It turns out Angelica’s biological mother died from a heroin overdose. Her real mom’s name is Cynthia, explaining the doll’s name. The woman from Rugrats is actually a gold-digging step-mom who Angelica idolized.

    When All Grown Up was canceled, it was because Angelica had an overdose and died just like her mother.

    The only baby that is not fictional is Dil; however, Angelica never accepted him as a part of the family and accidentally hit him too hard in the head as a baby trying to make him go away, resulting in brain damage, which is why he is such a strange child in All Grown Up.

    Suzie was actually Angelica’s friend. The theory says that she grew up to be a psychologist and joined Nickalodeon to help create the series Rugrats, eventually explaining the origin of the series.

  37. Gregory McHugh says:

    This is exactly how the T.V. show “St.Elsewhere” ended; I give the artist of this picture the credit for the artwork, but not for the idea behind it, since she stole it.

  38. Wookiewoo says:

    I’m pretty sure if that was the ending of the show no one would understand as they would all be kids but is was sad and heart touching to me as I am a HUGE fan of f.h.f.I.f.

  39. Joe says:

    Fosters wasn’t made in flash…

  40. Kevin says:

    Man, this is crazy. It really makes me feel really sad

  41. kathryn says:

    well i understand why they didn’t use this ending, first of all its a children’s show, it would be a bit mature, dealing with mental illnesses and whatnot, reason two, there are all these allegations of ripping off another show, reason three, by just ending the series with no set-in-stone ending, it leaves the ending up to the viewers imaginations! personally, i would have enjoyed it if people wrote endings then voted on which one they wanted to see.
    bye for now,

  42. George says:

    I like potatoes!

  43. Alea says:

    kathryn says:
    “well i understand why they didn’t use this ending, first of all its a children’s show, it would be a bit mature, dealing with mental illnesses”

    autism = mental illnesses ???

    (We need a better Autistic Pride Day…)

  44. Wr3cking8a11 says:

    Holy god Smart Mouthed Punk, the revelations are everywhere! EVERYWHERE!!!!

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