New poll favors deadline for Iraq pullout

According to the Washington Post, two in three Americans disagree with the 21,500 troop surge, and 53% say we need to set a deadline for withdrawing US forces from Iraq. In addition, 67% said they disapproved with the handling of the war, and 64% said that the war in Iraq was not worth fighting. Bush’s approval rating stayed constant in the mid 30s.

With the Senate now turning back the clock in an attempt take away the power given to Bush and the executive branch back in 2002 in order to go to war, and a non-binding resolution opposing the troop surge recently passed by the House of Representatives, things are looking good. People seem to have confidence in the Democratic party, and are slowly starting to realize the corruption and incompetence rampant in the Bush administration. We may have a ways to go before impeachment, but it’s certainly a big improvement.

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3 Responses to New poll favors deadline for Iraq pullout

  1. fruitbythefoot says:

    WOOT!! :D

  2. unknowable says:

    Looking good. It’s only a matter of time until his approval rating sinks even lower.

  3. FabreFaction says:

    Damn right a date needs to be set for the pull out of troops.

    How about when the allied forces have fixed the country they’ve done so good a job of destroying.

    I am glad I don’t live in Iraq, but if I did, and the allied forces pulled out leaving me in a more insecure and dangerous environment, I sure as hell would not be buying McDonalds and watching American Football.

    Pulling out too quick will create a lot of bad feeling towards the allies, which according to those in the know, politicians and military types, will breed terrorists. Probably not the best course of action to take in the war on terror then…………

    We are supposed to be helping the people of Iraq.
    If we don’t like our boys and girls dying, we should have done something about preventing the war in the first place.

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