Iraq’a ties to Al-Qaeda once again discounted

A recently de-classified Defense Department report says Iraqi documents and intelligence interrogations of Iraqi leaders now confirm that Iraq wasn’t directly cooperating with al-Qaeda. This revelation yesterday was the same day that Vice President Dick Cheney appeared on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and repeatedly claimed that al-Qaeda was operating in Iraq before our invasion.

Yet another report confirming what many of us already knew. There hasn’t been any hard evidence to back up the ties between prewar Iraq and al-Qaeda, yet king Bush has managed to link Iraq and 9/11 in the minds of many Republican voters. Given the recent approval ratings for both Bush and the war, this effect might be wearing off.

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2 Responses to Iraq’a ties to Al-Qaeda once again discounted

  1. unknowable says:

    heh, does anyone still believe saddam caused 9/11?

  2. Bryan says:

    Powerline was all over this one.
    There is no “revelation” here. It’s picking and choosing words from a report, referencing an old report, to make the report say what the author wants it to say–courtesy of the mainstream media–and you guys ate it up.

    What’s old has been made new, but the spin stayed the same.

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