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Keith Olbermann on Bush and Clinton

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Germany calls for violent video game ban

Once again, there are politicians attacking video games. This time, they’re proposing an outright ban on “killer” video games. The debate over violent video games has been rekindled in Germany after a recent school shooting left students and teachers hospitalized. … Continue reading

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UCLA student assaulted with taser

This is a video of a UCLA student being stunned with a taser because he didn’t have his library pass. Mostafa Tabatabainejad, a UCLA student, was repeatedly stunned with a Taser and then taken into custody when he did not … Continue reading

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New Congress likely behind net neutrality

Internet neutrality proponents believe that the recent change in Congress is likely to boost their efforts to push legislation that would prohibit tiered access to the Internet. It was sad to see so many people convinced by telecom lobbyists that … Continue reading

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Starting a forum

I’m in the process of setting up a forum, in collaboration with NPC and several regular readers here: Inanity ( It’s focused on the less serious aspects and topics covered here, as well as those at other forums. It’s still … Continue reading

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People want change

The Democrats are now in control of the House and the Senate. Is it because of the Foley scandal? The deficit? The manipulation of Christian evangelicals? The casualties in Iraq? Wasted time over flag burning amendments? Well, no, I don’t … Continue reading

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Rumsfeld steps down

I honestly didn’t expect this to ever happen, but I’m glad it did. Give President Bush credit for being honest about his dishonesty. Last week he told reporters for the top wire news services — the AP, Reuters, Bloomberg — … Continue reading

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Pinky and the Brain

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Army Recruiters Lie to Students

No one wants to go, and we don’t have a draft, so what does the army do to get recruits? Lie through their teeth, of course: “Nobody is going over to Iraq anymore?” one student asks a recruiter. “No, we’re … Continue reading

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Lord of the OS

Windows Vista Three OS’s from corporate-kings in their towers of glass, Seven from valley-lords where orchards used to grow, Nine from dotcoms doomed to die, One from the Dark Lord Gates on his dark throne In the Land of Redmond … Continue reading

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