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Please, don’t let the Watchmen movie suck

I read the Watchmen graphic novel recently (before I found out about the movie adaption), and I loved it. I’m so used to Japanese manga that it was a bit jarring at first to read a western-style graphic novel, but … Continue reading

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American McGee’s Grimm

I’ve had a paid GameTap account for a while now, and I’ve also been a fan of American McGee’s previous works, so I’ve been eagerly awaiting the Grimm games. I wasn’t disappointed. If you don’t have GameTap, you can sign … Continue reading

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NYTimes article on web trolls

Read the whole article here. This was the most interesting thing I’d read in a long time. The author obviously did a lot of research, and it’s very accurate; I don’t generally go into these sorts of articles (articles having … Continue reading

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