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Joel Fought Back — after going to court over 30 downloaded MP3s, verdict is $675,000 fine

What punishment do you think would fit the crime of pirating 30 MP3s? If you said “over $600,000,” you probably work for the RIAA. After a valiant and creative defense from Charles Nesson and his law students, Joel Tenenbaum lost … Continue reading

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AT&T declares war on the Internet

AT&T has started blocking access to, which means access to the 4chan imageboards /b/ and /r9k/ are unavailable to most (not all) AT&T customers. An article on the wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica has details: -Most AT&T DSL (largest ISP in … Continue reading

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Christian Civil Liberties Union calls for book burning in Milwaukee

Here we go again. I think I’m becoming desensitized to these stories. I just can’t muster up the moral outrage like I used to. CNN reports: The strife began in February when West Bend couple Jim and Ginny Maziarka objected … Continue reading

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Amtrack police arrest man for taking photos for Amtrak photo contest

Amtrak has an annual photoƂ  contest that has been running since 2003. Duane Kerzic was standing on the public platform in New York’s Penn Station, taking photos to enter in next year’s photo contest, when he was approached by Amtrak … Continue reading

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Man in Iowa charged with possession of “obscene” manga

Christopher Handley is a collector in Iowa. He’s been charged with the alleged possession of obscene manga, and faces up to 20 years in prison. He received a package containing seven manga, which was intercepted by the Postal Inspector and … Continue reading

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12 year-old Dymond Milburn beaten by police

12 year-old honors student Dymond Milburn was beaten by plainclothes police officers in front of her house. The officers mistook her for a prostitute (they claimed she was wearing “tight shorts”), drove up in a van, jumped out, grabbed her, … Continue reading

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State legislator rants about atheism during committee hearing

Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago) interrupted atheist activist Rob Sherman during his testimony Wednesday afternoon before the House State Government Administration Committee in Springfield and told him, “What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous . . . it’s … Continue reading

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14 year old Jehova’s Witness turns down treatment and dies

These sorts of stories really bother me. This kid, raised as a Jehova’s Witness, decides to turn down a blood transfusion that would have saved his live, on the grounds that it would make him “unclean and unworthy.” Of course, … Continue reading

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Data on Americans mined for terror risk

The FBI is gathering and sorting information about Americans to help search for potential terrorists according to a government report obtained Tuesday. In addition, the report disclosed government plans to build a new database to assess the risk posed by … Continue reading

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