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I’m done with high school

So long and thanks for all the fish.

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Some schools have “minimum grade” at 50

USA Today reports: In most math problems, zero would never be confused with 50, but a handful of schools nationwide have set off an emotional academic debate by giving minimum scores of 50 for students who fail. (…) Their argument: … Continue reading

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How to make Windows XP look and act like Fluxbox

Fluxbox is a minimalistic window manager for *nix systems, based on Blackbox. You can replicate its look and feel somewhat well with complex shell replacements like Litestep, but there’s no reason to settle for that. Blackbox itself was actually ported … Continue reading

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The good and bad of CAPTCHAs

I run several websites, a few of which have user-generated content and have to deal with spam. Because of this, I’ve occasionally had to use CAPTCHAs. If you don’t know what they are, they’re the little images with letters/numbers in … Continue reading

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First impression of “[true knowledge]“

I got my invitation to be a beta tester for [true knowledge], and I’ve been playing around with it. Basially, it’s a search engine that can handle natural language search queries, and find relevant information even if the specific terms … Continue reading

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Aldous Huxley quotes

I’ve posted a few quote collections before and they’ve been quite popular, so thought I’d try it again. Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is an amazing book, so go read it if you haven’t already. Both inside and out of … Continue reading

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Quotes from Percy Bysshe Shelley

If he is infinitely good, what reason should we have to fear him? If he is infinitely wise, why should we have doubts concerning our future? If he knows all, why warn him of our needs and fatigue him with … Continue reading

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New Nine Inch Nails album available completely free

I just downloaded the FLAC version of it and I haven’t finished listening to it yet. So far, it’s totally kickass. NIN has been putting out a lot of stuff lately, and it’s of consistently good quality. Even better, it’s … Continue reading

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Maybe we should take comic book movies seriously

I saw Iron Man yesterday with a few friends, and I liked it more than I was expecting to. Sure, it had a borderline-ridiculous plot, but Robert Downey, Jr. was brilliant. He’s has been one of my favorite actors ever … Continue reading

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Removing DRM from Microsoft Reader eBooks (*.LIT)

I recently purchased an ebook of Daughters of the North from after hearing lots of good things about it. I downloaded and activated Microsoft Reader first, then downloaded the LIT file from HarperCollins (you have to use Internet Explorer … Continue reading

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