New weblog

I wanted to get back into blogging, but I decided to start fresh. My new blog is called Recurial, and it’s about politics, poetry, and programming (I was trying to think of an interesting, short, available domain name, and this was the name that popped into my head).

So, that’s where my writing is going to be from now on. I still read the comments here on occasion, though.

About probabilityZero

I'm a rather boring, geeky college student. Most of my time is spent at a computer, reading a book, or sitting in (mostly uninteresting) classes. My hobbies include reading, blogging, creating and running websites, creating amateur video games, arguing incessantly on discussion forums, and buying books on because I'm too lazy to go to the library.
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  1. sparen says:

    Da hab ich ja mal einen alten Beitrag ausgekramt. Trotzdem interessant.

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