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Sigmund Freud on Religion

While many of Freud’s theories about psychoanalysis are no longer believed to be fact by most modern psychologists, he often had very profound things to say, both about his field of psychology and about other subjects. On the subject of … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins interviews a creationist

In this 7 part series, biologist Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Wright, a creationist. Parts 2 through 7 below the fold.

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Christian Civil Liberties Union calls for book burning in Milwaukee

Here we go again. I think I’m becoming desensitized to these stories. I just can’t muster up the moral outrage like I used to. CNN reports: The strife began in February when West Bend couple Jim and Ginny Maziarka objected … Continue reading

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Why do people believe celebrities instead of experts?

You’ve probably seen news coverage of the debate over the safety of vaccines and whether they cause autism in children. In fact, you might have seen new-age medicine spokeswoman and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy speak out against vaccines on … Continue reading

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Quotes from Charles Darwin

I can indeed hardly see how anyone ought to wish Christianity to be true; for if so the plain language of the text seems to show that the men who do not believe, and this would include my Father, Brother, … Continue reading

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Churchgoers more likely to support torture

A survey has found that those who go to church are more likely to support the use of torture, whereas those who were not affiliated with any religious organization are the least likely of those polled to support torture. Here … Continue reading

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James D. Watson on science and genetics

No one may have the guts to say this, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn’t we? Continue reading

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Turtles all the way down – Intelligent design and infinite regression

If everything must have a cause, then God must have a cause. If there can be anything without a cause, it may just as well be the world as God, so that there cannot be any validity in that argument. Continue reading

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BBC Documentary: The Enemies of Reason

Is it rational that the dead can communicate with the living and give sound advice on how they should live their lives? What about sticking pins into your body to free the flow of Chi energy and cure your illness? … Continue reading

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Ben Stein’s Expelled is painful to watch

We were shown the movie in my Critical Thinking (English 1C) class at Sacramento State University, and my teacher took to heart the conspiracy theory presented in the movie. He’s stated several times so far in the class how proud … Continue reading

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