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Richard Feynman on light.

Mind. Blown.

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Richard Dawkins interviews a creationist

In this 7 part series, biologist Richard Dawkins interviews Wendy Wright, a creationist. Parts 2 through 7 below the fold.

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Komm, süsser Tod

(Title is in German… translates to “Come, Sweet Death”) Originally written in Japanese by director Hideaki Anno and sung in English, this song features prominently in the movie End of Evangelion. You can find alternate translations and additional information here. … Continue reading

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BBC Documentary: The Enemies of Reason

Is it rational that the dead can communicate with the living and give sound advice on how they should live their lives? What about sticking pins into your body to free the flow of Chi energy and cure your illness? … Continue reading

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“VB GUI Interface” in CSI

I’m having trouble imagining the chain of events that would lead to this being in the final script. The most likely explanation I can think of is that their local “tech” guy either was a moron that threw together random … Continue reading

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Distortions and lies in John McCain’s campaign ads

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Dennis Kucinich introduces 35 articles of impeachment against Bush

I caught a bit of this live on C-Span yesterday, and I think it’s about damn time. Of course this isn’t going anywhere, but it’s nice to see my favorite congressmen up there saying what myself and millions of other … Continue reading

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Rifftrax samples

I’ve decided to gather a bunch of these in one place (they’re also on the rifftrax website in a tiny window, but I prefer the youtube player). See my earlier post for what Rifftrax is. Videos are below the fold.

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Over-reaction to Clinton’s “emotional outburst”

I really don’t see what all the fuss is about. She just got a bit chocked up — didn’t even shed a tear, much less break down weeping as cable news would have you believe. Who cares? Republican candidate Mitt … Continue reading

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I had to take the streaming video down, but you can download Sicko easily with bit torrent.

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