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Still busy with school

… will return in a few weeks.

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Pirates hijack oil tanker and hold it ransom

Seriously. I know it’s a heinous crime and all, but it’s just so awesome. They’re asking for 25 million dollars.

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Channel Surfing

My latest interactive fiction game, Channel Surfing, placed 21st in IFComp ’08. I’m working on fixing the bugs for Release 2. I wasn’t really surprised with how things played out in the contest. I know I didn’t do nearly enough … Continue reading

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Obama wins election

It’s official! Some part of me can’t believe we did this. I went down to my local polling place earlier today and voted (Obama for President, no on prop 8 ) — absolutely no line — and nearly all my … Continue reading

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VirtualBox Seamless mode: Windows XP in Ubuntu 8.10 + Compiz-Fusion

I’ve tried VirtualBox’s seamless mode in the past and had mixed results. It worked well enough last time I tried it in Ubuntu 7.10, but it didn’t play well with compiz-fusion. Now, having updated to Ubuntu 8.10 and the newer … Continue reading

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