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Joel Fought Back — after going to court over 30 downloaded MP3s, verdict is $675,000 fine

What punishment do you think would fit the crime of pirating 30 MP3s? If you said “over $600,000,” you probably work for the RIAA. After a valiant and creative defense from Charles Nesson and his law students, Joel Tenenbaum lost … Continue reading

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AT&T declares war on the Internet

AT&T has started blocking access to, which means access to the 4chan imageboards /b/ and /r9k/ are unavailable to most (not all) AT&T customers. An article on the wiki Encyclopedia Dramatica has details: -Most AT&T DSL (largest ISP in … Continue reading

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AP’s impossible text DRM dreams

So, it’s just text content, but it can call home, track where it has been, and secure digital rights. Good luck with that.

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Christian Civil Liberties Union calls for book burning in Milwaukee

Here we go again. I think I’m becoming desensitized to these stories. I just can’t muster up the moral outrage like I used to. CNN reports: The strife began in February when West Bend couple Jim and Ginny Maziarka objected … Continue reading

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Last week I was in San Francisco to see the de Young museum. Now I just (yesterday) got back from Sea Ranch.  I’ll be back to posting normally soon.

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Video games and the Hollywood effect

“Indie” games, or independent video games (games developed without support from a major video game publisher) have become quite popular recently in some circles of gamers, and I couldn’t be happier. The majority of these games are so-called “casual” games, … Continue reading

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Komm, süsser Tod

(Title is in German… translates to “Come, Sweet Death”) Originally written in Japanese by director Hideaki Anno and sung in English, this song features prominently in the movie End of Evangelion. You can find alternate translations and additional information here. … Continue reading

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Firefox 3.5 in Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit

As I’m sure you’re aware, Firefox 3.5 was officially released. I had been using the beta version previously, but had a bit of trouble updating to the final release. The main obstacle I ran into was that I use a … Continue reading

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