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Churchgoers more likely to support torture

A survey has found that those who go to church are more likely to support the use of torture, whereas those who were not affiliated with any religious organization are the least likely of those polled to support torture. Here … Continue reading

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Your printer will stop working at the worst possible moment

I’ve found this is one of the constants of the universe. Whenever you really, really need to print something, there’ll be a problem. Out of ink, maybe. Or possibly the printer just refuses to respond. Or, my favorite, it starts … Continue reading

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Famous Last Words

“Wait a minute…” Reported last words of Pope Alexander VI.

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The Pirate Bay four found guilty

The Pirate Bay four were found guilty today of helping consumers illegally download copyrighted material. They each were sentenced to a year in jail, and collectively must pay $3,620,000. “It’s so bizarre that we got convicted at all, we have … Continue reading

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James D. Watson on science and genetics

No one may have the guts to say this, but if we could make better human beings by knowing how to add genes, why shouldn’t we? Continue reading

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Fox News has been trolled, again

The great thing about trolling is that anyone who doesn’t get it becomes part of the joke. You may have noticed this story about 4chan on the front page of I laughed when I read it, and I imagine … Continue reading

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