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Piracy and shoplifting

A common talking point you hear from the RIAA/MPAA and the media corporations is that piracy is stealing. You wouldn’t steal a DVD movie, so why would you download a DVD rip from a torrent site? Well, the obvious problem … Continue reading

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New Nine Inch Nails album available completely free

I just downloaded the FLAC version of it and I haven’t finished listening to it yet. So far, it’s totally kickass. NIN has been putting out a lot of stuff lately, and it’s of consistently good quality. Even better, it’s … Continue reading

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I bought the new Nine Inch Nails album, and I love it. I was initially disappointed that it was completely instrumental and thus lacked Trent’s usual poetic and complex lyrics, but the sheer perfection of the album made up for … Continue reading

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The new Radiohead album is awesome

As you’ve probably heard, Radiohead has ditched their music label and is now selling their new album, “In Rainbows,” from their website. There’s no set price. You name what you think it’s worth to you, and pay that. If you … Continue reading

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